Private label manufacturing

Your Brand, our formulation

Private label personal care products manufactured at The Vanity Case are developed based on extensive research and testing methods. Efficacy, quality and value are key factors in all the procedures.

Our private-label services offer a number customizable options and requirement levels at competitive prices. The focus is to ensure that customers are provided with complete turnkey private labeling solutions.

Choose your product range

With our extensive library of proven formulas, or your choice to custom formulate, we can customize your range to meet the needs of your customers.

The group offers an array of options in private labeling as below:

  • To choose from an extensive library of proven formulas
  • To create your own designs to further develop your brand image and customer loyalty. Customized individual product labels can be created just for you.
  • To select from our various in-house packing options, or choose to utilize other options provided by our global packaging affiliates.
  • To utilize our skilled team of designers in conceptualizing your product's unique corporate identity.

custom labels

Packaging designs go a long way in developing the brand image and build customer loyalty. The Vanity Case offers customized individual product labels to meet the requirements of the brand.