Dedicated Manufacturing

The Vanity Case Group has developed the capability to setup large Dedicated units for specific clients. This includes the following specific competencies.

  • Conceptualization of the entire project
  • Generation of funds for the projects
  • Project execution.
  • End to End supply chain management.
  • Day to Day management of the production facility.

Totally dedicated unit model

In this model, the entire facility is exclusively utilized for the Principal company. The location, layout, design, machinery, capacity and all other parameters of the unit are finalized and executed in complete concurrence with the Principal in this case.

The investment, project execution and management of the facility is done by the Group where as the Principal guarantees the business for a minimum number of years. The basis of the agreement could be ROI or Cost plus.

Anchor tenant model

This model is similar to the Dedicated Unit option, except that the facility is not exclusively cut out for the Anchor Tenant. The Anchor Tenant enjoys all the privileges of a Principal, however there will be a few minor partners sharing the facility. This helps to spread the overheads and bring down the costs.

Given the rapid growth in consumer goods categories' turnover, most companies are leveraging this model to significantly add to their production capabilities through multiple locations.