Product Range



iCare is one our most successful private label brands. It covers a host of high quality products ranging from hair cream and moisturizing lotions to Nail polish remover. The brand has set a high benchmark for quality over the years. The products provide a premium experience at an affordable price, one of the reasons why it is preferred by millions in the Middle-East and Africa. The brand boasts of an unmatched reputation for trust and quality and enjoys an enviable leadership position in countries where it has presence. And now with our new range of exciting products, iCare looks to carry forward its legacy.

Product Range:

  • Hair Cream (140 ml, 300 ml)
  • Facial Cream (250 ml)
  • Body Care Cream (75 ml)
  • Hand & Body cream (100 ml)
  • Multi Vitamin Lotion (400 ml)
  • Bakhoor Hand & Body Lotion (500 ml)
  • Hand & Body Moisturizing Lotion (500 ml)
  • Raspberry Scrub (300 ml)
  • Hair Food (200 ml)
  • Nail Polish Remover (160 ml)

Major Export Markets:

Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia


Product Range:

  • Hand & Body Moisturizer (500 ml)
  • Hair Food (200 ml)
  • Premium Body Scrub (250 ml)
  • Nail Polish Remover (160 ml)
  • Hair Oil
  • Hair Creams

Major Export Markets:

Saudi Arabia

BeautySmith is a skin and hair care brand owned by the Vanity Case Group. Years of research and development have gone into the range of products which are specially formulated to suit the Middle East markets. BeautySmith being a premier brand of the group, continuous efforts are on to enhance its image and value to the customer by product upgradations based on clear consumer insights. Plans are on to add new products to the existing range.


LBC brand was crafted by the group to promote affordable skin and hair care. LBC boasts of being one of the finest personal care brands in Yemen. The brand heeds the diverse wishes of the consumers and this inspiration is what drives our team to create unique consumer-friendly products. Our growth has been attributed to our R&D expertise, competitive pricing and large portfolio of products.

Product Range:

  • Hair oil
  • Hair cream
  • Hair food
  • Body scrub
  • Perfumed talc
  • Baby talc

Major Export Markets:


Fast Growing Pvt. Label Brands

Our Private label brands have been growing at a fast pace and spreading its wings across the globe. Our brands have left an indelible mark on consumers' minds in four continents and 15 countries in the last two decades. And the story goes on, as we at the 'Vanity Case Group' strive to innovate constantly to out feat ourselves. The success story, however, remains incomplete without acknowledging the contribution of our highly valued business associates who help us nurture the brands and widen our reach overseas. They are an inseparable part of the brand story and together we work towards one single goal:

Better products for a beautiful you!

Major Export Markets:

USA, UK, South Africa, Dubai (UAE), Oman, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan