Contract manufacturing

The Vanity Case started as a contract manufacturer and developed specialized skills in handling highly complex product and packaging formats. Scaling up from R&D to commercial production of varied batch sizes, the group can handle even highly complicated products in a short time frame. The manufacturing facilities are designed to achieve cost-effectiveness, speed and flexibility. The group offers a fully integrated facility, complete with on-site laboratories, processing, packaging, storage and shipping facilities.

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dedicated units

The Vanity Case has been leveraging its competence to commission large turnkey projects for its clients. These dedicated manufacturing units are being developed in two models:

Dedicated Unit for Principal Company

  • ROI Based Model
  • Cost Plus Model

Anchor Tenant Model

  • Quote Based Model
  • Cost Plus Model

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private label manufacturing

The Group has unique capabilities in developing private label products for Indian and international markets.

A number of private label brands developed and manufactured by the Vanity Case Group have created their own niche in various markets. The development inputs cover formulation, packaging and over all brand styling.

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Warehousing facilities

Focus on your core business while we manage the flow of materials for you. Our warehousing solutions provide you with a flexible facility layout and design to meet the changing needs of your business.

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